Litigation and Arbitration

  • KML LEGAL has a litigation practice for all needs connected with our Clients' business or other activity;
  • We furnish the support of experienced litigators to whom a beneficial solution reached before the court stage is a higher achievement than litigation;
  • We do not give up on amicable resolution if we see such an opportunity.

KML LEGAL provides its Clients with efficient advice on dispute resolution. Our lawyers appear before ordinary courts, arbitration courts and tribunals, and administrative courts. We are also partial towards Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (ADR). We conduct all sorts of proceedings on a private law footing, and we assist our Clients also where they interact with public authorities. Our Firm's litigation and arbitration practice covers all areas of our Client's activity.

What makes us different

We understand the importance of the outcome of litigation or other dispute resolution to our Clients. We are available wherever and whenever our Clients need us. If only possible, we strive to find opportunities for amicable resolution. We build a strategy that is based on our Clients' available time and means, which we take care to use in the most efficient way possible. We build our own brand on entrusting dispute resolution to lawyers with litigation experience from Warsaw offices of international law firms, acquired in some of the largest litigation in this part of Europe. What we do not do is create fiction. It is reality that our Clients face at all times.

Our action model

We avoid routine and stereotyped patterns. In our relationships with our Clients we always cherish our values:

  • Apart from the dispute, we want first of all to understand the Client's business, given as it is of key importance in understanding the specificity of the litigation.
  • We do not ignite unnecessary conflict that has no rational basis.
  • We choose the optimal solution for our Client and we select the appropriate tactics in the circumstances.
  • We adhere strictly to any deadlines and other arrangements made with our Client.
  • We are absolutely transparent.
  • Our orientation is always on our Client's success before other things.

Our goals

We want to pave the Client's way to achieving advantage in any dispute, as long as possible. We do know that simply winning does not always guarantee satisfaction. That is why we are always two steps ahead in order to take care of what follows after the end of the dispute.