Foreign Practice

We are a Polish law firm dedicated to business activity.

We assist entrepreneurs from abroad in locating their interests in the Polish market. We support those who see a chance for business success in those countries where we are present. We provide advise that takes account of the geopolitical specificity and social mores of the region. We understand the differences between legal systems and institutions of countries that are close to us. We innovate by providing our services in Polish, English, Spanish and Turkish. We want to be sure that a foreign Client feels comfortable in any situation involving the law.


We are not on terms with the idea of our Client being taken by surprise by the differences inherent in legal systems. We take advantage of optimal solutions available in the relevant country, focusing on the Client's needs and benefits.

  • We locate business entities in countries where we are present;
  • We assist in transferring employees and legalising their stay in the country;
  • We provide ongoing legal service;
  • We advise on how to avoid complications in dealing with public administration;
  • We show the way to do business in the relevant country while keeping legal and economic risks to a minimum;
  • We react instantly to dynamic changes in the legal situation of a foreign Client.